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Sister Alma Rose’s Midday Prayer: Help!

Great God, listen up! Y’all have dumped a lot on my big green front porch, and I’d appreciate a bit of Divine Guidance in sorting it out. Please. Moreover, folks I love are struggling. There’s the pit, and there’s the PIT. I understand addictions now–when a hand reaches down to pull you out, even for a few seconds of daylight, you just grab on, you don’t ask for its credentials. For Yvonne and Sue, and others who suffer in the dark, let that hand be thine. And PDQ, if thou pleaseth. Thank you for Cathy, Jan, Elaine, Jane, Jane, Margie, Eli, Susie, Billy, and others whose beautiful Generosity of Spirit shines like the sun and makes me wonder how anybody with protoplasm could possibly be blind to thy glory. It is as our friend the Rev. T. Merton Rymph once told us from the pulpit: God Is the Most Obvious Fact of Human Existence. And ain’t that a fine thing, too. Amen. P.S. As Anne Lamott says, the prayer that is always answered is “Help!”

Readers: If you have not done so, please scroll down to the Bing & Bowie notes and video. It will bless your day.

Remember your mom with a card and a gift from Zero Gravity, http://www.LifeIsPoetry.net

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