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Practical Spirituality, Spiritual Practicality

Sister Alma Rose: Saving Her Pennies for Paradise

Source of All, sharpen our senses, that we might see your love in all Creation
and hear your heartbeat in the high places. Amen

Sister Alma Rose seldom recommends other blogs—she is far too enamored of her own—but she thinks y’all will be well rewarded if y’all keep abreast of the postings on Being in This World: A Notion from Rohit Sharma. The author offers great wisdom, practical spirituality, spiritual practicality… with admirable brevity, whereas Sister Alma Rose will go on and on….

Being in This World is associated with a group of online communicators whose modest goal is to raise the consciousness of the entire world. Whose consciousness couldn’t use a leg up now and then? Y’all’s? Certainly not Sister Alma Rose’s, who ranks her consciousness (on a scale of 10) at 8, or 2, depending on the day, the weather, and the availability of Mr. Truman LaFollette’s incomparable lemonade.

If Sister Alma Rose is not mistaken, Rohit Sharma lives in Shimla, which is just down the road, Sister Alma Rose is convinced, from Paradise. (Sister Alma Rose is saving her pennies for a pilgrimage there.) Perhaps Rohit’s wisdom derives in part from the altitude; he, like the Ancients, lives near to the heavens, and the Ancients can hear God’s heartbeat.


Photo: Shimla Railway Station, Manmeet Sharma
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