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The Worry Wheel

Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, you clothe the lilies of the field in splendor, though they worry not a whit. Open our eyes and our hearts today to the abundance that is already ours. Amen

A Field of Wildflowers, Clothed in Glory

A Field of Wildflowers, Clothed in Glory

Magic and Music in the Air*

Worrying creates the future you wish to avoid. —Source unknown

Worry in and of itself does nothing to control our future, it just steals our focus and our energy from today! We impact the future by making today as good as possible – focusing our analytical skills and our energy and our efforts to making today’s activities and responsibilities as positive and successful as we can. That is what prepares us to handle “come what may” —because the future is truly only in the hands of forces beyond our control—for me, I like to call that God. —Susie Vanderlip, Worry Is Sucking the Life Out of Our Kids


Sister Alma Rose is laid up. She went and busted her ankle.

Sister Alma Rose never lets the grass grow under her feet, even when they ain’t working so good. She’ll be praying and meditating, writing cards and letters, and reading; and her friends’ll come by with a meal and a chat.

But Sister Alma Rose is accustomed to bustle about doing this and that, and she don’t sleep so good at night when she’s been all day in the bed.

So it was that on Sunday, in the wee hours, she turned on the radio and listened to one of those late-night talk programs, and the one that was playing right then was all about “building wealth.”

American Gold Eagle 1999

American Gold Eagle 1999

Now, Sister Alma Rose does not begrudge the rich their “wealth”—come right down to it, Sister Alma Rose herself feels wealthy and is sure that ninety-seven percent of the population of this planet would consider her to be rich indeed. But the idea of “building wealth,” as something separate from doing the work that satisfies you, enjoying and sharing the rewards, practicing economy, and putting a little something by for a rainy day—Sister Alma Rose had never heard of such a thing.

Now, this was one of those programs where folks call in on the telephone and ask for advice from a financial expert. When Sister Alma Rose turned the radio on, a woman with a worried-sounding voice was telling the financial man that she and her husband had just sold their paid-for house and made a good profit, and all their bills and taxes was paid, and her husband wanted to do something or other with the money—travel to Paris, France, or go on a cruise, or some such thing.

“But I’m worried,” she went on—she actually used that word, worried—“because my husband is thirty-six and we have only ninety thousand dollars invested for retirement.”

Sister Alma Rose waited for the financial man to bust out laughing, but he seemed to agree with the woman caller that, yes, indeed, that was a problem, and he went on to suggest things to do with the money to “build more wealth”—as if this young couple should never do anything fun or frivolous until they have a couple trillion dollars in the bank, and then they can kick back, as long as nobody comes down with a fatal disease or gets their head bashed in by a falling brick, maybe the day after tomorrow, but if that doesn’t happen, then when they’re old and rich they can hobble around having a fine old time, or maybe they won’t be able to hobble, but that’s okay because the servants can clean out their gold-plated bedpans.

Place de la Concorde, Paris

Place de la Concorde, Paris

Sister Alma Rose is sensible about material things, but it would never occur to her to worry about them… or about anything else. If she were to do so, she might get caught up in the worry wheel… and then, perhaps, she would not see the magic or hear the music in the air.


* Nora Roberts

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