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The Space Between

Be of good cheer...

Be of good cheer...

In the world ye shall have tribulation:
but be of good cheer;
I have overcome the world, (John 16:33)

For Edie, Karen, and Margie…

There is magic in a molecule…
there is music in the wind…
and the raindrops—dazzling jewels,
if we have the eyes to see them,
and if we have ears to hear
the melodies that Heaven sends
when breezes whisper, “Peace. Be
still. Watch now, and listen….”

Every breath is affirmation:
every inhalation, life and energy;
and we exhale what we no longer need,
and nature breathes it in
and makes it pure again, as surely
as the wheel turns with the season.

But perhaps it is the space between
the breathing in and breathing out,
the quiet time, however small,
when what we nudge aside as
“supernatural” is, rather, undeniable
in clarity—self-evident, and tangible,
and everything is possible.

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