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Rest in Me

Sister Alma Rose’s Morning Prayer


From the Meditation Society of Australia, http://meditation.org.au

I Am a Trillion Suns

I am a trillion suns, each radiating love;
they cannot help themselves, for they are made of
God’s own holy light. Oh, that I might always
know thee, Father-Mother, in each breath and
deed and motion; how I need thee! Oh, that I
might find thee, both within and in the other. When
the dazzling world doth strike my spirit blind, O,
God, remind me that thou art my sight; my senses
are but shadows of omniscience. Thou art my
vision, and the longing in my heart is all for
thee, Creator and Sustainer. Thou alone art
strong; my strength derives from thine. Thou
alone art peace; my striving is for naught. The
transient world has taught us fear and enmity,
when all that’s needed is to stop and hear thine
admonition: “Thou art mine. Now rest in me.”

* * *

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