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big_memo_with_pencilSister Alma Rose’s blog receives more than three hundred visitors some days. Hardly any of y’all leave a comment.

Sister Alma Rose wants to know why. Does she leave you speechless? Do y’all refrain from commenting because “Sister Alma Rose has the last word?” Or are y’all intimidated by Sister Alma Rose’s superior wisdom?

Sister Alma Rose promises to be less superior if y’all will promise to be more communicative. Please. Sometimes it gets a little lonely here at Hilltop Farm….

* * *

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One thought on “Speak!

  1. No Doubt Sister Alma Rose is far more superior and of course she has the last word…

    I would like to request you to participate in Blog Your Blessings every Sunday and there you will find many new enthusiastic friends.BYBS is about spreading good words.

    The pictures you use in your blog are really really beautiful


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