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Prayer for Work

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us—yes, establish the work of our hands.

O God, your ways are not our ways.
You see the snares and thunderstorms
that lie ahead. Therefore we say
with unreserve, Your will be done.
What task have you designed for each
by which to teach us of the kingdom,
give us satisfaction, even joy,
in sacred service? Show us God, yes,
turn our eyes in the direction, if you must
before we heed you, of the workplace
and the workers. And provide us
with the motivation, energy,
and focus for the work at hand.


Bringing In the Harvest, Cicely Mary Barker

Thus by honest application may we
earn our daily bread and take our
meal in fellowship—for many
reasons, not the least to share
what providence has given.
May we then find satisfaction
in the work that challenges
our minds, our skills, our talents,
needs our joy and our compassion,
and produces what is useful,
beautiful, and pleasing;
what transforms and heals and serves;
what strengthens our communities;
and, yes, what makes us happy.
In your image you created us;
we were not made for misery
but love, as you have first loved us.

Bless us now; help us today
to make the world a better place
and be of help and benefit
to those we meet along the way.



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