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All That Touches Me Is Holy



Angels Singing and Playing, Hubert (c. 1385|90-1426) and Jan (1390-1441) VanEyck

Divine the wind that riffles in my ear.
Divine the breeze that lifts my hair,
the better to unfist my neck and kiss
the face I raise to thee.
Divine the sun that rises
to enlighten me and send me on
the course thy wisdom has designed.
Divine the sunwashed morning air.
Divine the earth supporting me.
All things that give me shape and form
are of thine image, Love Divine,
and nothing touches me except

Thereby do thine angels shelter me and thereby
keep me safe—secure and well protected
by the vigilance of never-failing grace.
Accept my prayer of thankfulness
and that of all thy children,
wrapped in sea and sky,
the garments of thy power,
the fabric of thy peace. Creator,
for the wheel of life that brought
us to this day, this hour, this minute,
do we thank thee; and for all thy gifts,
we lift our grateful hearts to thee.

A prayer of gratitude by Mary Campbell


The Madonna with Angels, Fra Angelico 1395-1455


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