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God, Be with Us in Our Grieving (Hymn)

God, be with us in our grieving.
Plainly make thy presence known.
We grow faithless in our weakness,
like a leaf the wind has blown
from the tree that lately fed it,
from the branch on which it curled,
ripped away, untaught, unready
for this wild, unsteady world.

God, have mercy!
Guide us surely
on our journey in this world.

We are frightened by the silence,
fearful of the voices raised,
sounding anger and defiance.
Where are songs of joy and praise?
Let the great celestial chorus
with the tides, the mighty winds,
mountainsides and plains and forests
fill the skies with song again.

God of Glory,
may our chorus
soar to fill the skies again.

God, we sing in celebration
of the love we have received—
love for thy divine creation,
asking only this: that we
likewise give as we are given;
love as we are loved; extend
mercy, comfort, and compassion;
bless as we are blest. Amen.

God of our salvation, then shall
Heaven upon earth descend.
Let us sing in celebration!
Alleluia and Amen.


The Procession to Calvary, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1564

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