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Prayer for the Fourth Day of Lent

God Almighty, lift me up above the
muck and the cacophony of city
streets and alleys. Raise my eyes to see the
distant pines along the Catalinas’
rocky slopes, for I would squint at billboard
signs instead and think the world a cluttered
space, polluted with the dank detritus
of the disenchanted citizens who
dutifully make their five-times-weekly
tedious commute from dwelling place to
office, factory, or field and back again.

God, lift my eyes an inch, no more, from level
with the rooftops and the fences upward
to infinity, where suns and planets,
moons and asteroids abide, where stars are
born and die, not fading quietly, not
they—oh, no, with agitation, flash and
flare, spectacular displays of light in
motion, a magnificent explosion
called immodestly a supernova,
brighter than entire galaxies. Then
let me look again on humankind and
see not weary resignation but in
each an exquisite parade of color,
light, and form, a singularity
beside which all celestial phenomena
are seen to pall. We are created in your
image, God of Glory, after all….

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