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Songs of Praise


Paolo Veronese, The Wedding Feast at Cana, 1563

Song for the Twenty-Fourth Day of Lent

Oh, I shall learn to play the harp,
and I shall learn to sing.
Now bring me row on row of bells,
and I shall make them ring.

Oh, give to me a clarinet
and bring an oboe ‘round
so I can fill my lungs with air
and make a joyful sound.

Oh, guide me to the sunlit wood
where skylarks in the trees
are caroling their gleeful songs
and I shall sing with these.

Oh, lead me to where nature hums
and chants God’s holy name.
Winged creatures can praise Adonai—
can I not do the same?

Oh, I shall ring a hundred bells
a thousand different ways
so I can praise Almighty God
with music all my days.

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