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All We Need


Tiny toes and wiggle-fingers so amuse you,
little one. All you need for bliss is streaks of
sunlight on the wall and someone warm to
kiss your face, to hold you close and coo
your name. The future is a distant land that
holds no fascination. Only now is in your
orbit, darling, nothing more. When you’re
hungry, you don’t hesitate to waken all the
world, and all the world springs into action
just to fill your empty tummy. Satisfied, you
peer at us with gratitude, or so it seems.
Then a bath, a clean and fluffy creeper, and
a blanket. Thank you. All is well again. You
smile and gurgle, and the rest of us behold
the miracle of you. We laugh at your
delight and grin at your astonishment,
which roll across your consciousness like
waves along a sandy beach… and then
you sleep. We envy you your peace,
complete as Eden was before the fall.
You teach us to be mindful of the
minute we are living in. You give us faith
that our needs, too, will be met. We can
let go of our fretting and anxiety and be
like you—in love with sights and sounds
and new sensations. We can sing with
redbirds, robins, and the radio. God,
let us not forget the raw discovery of
infancy, the thrill of color in the gardens
of our lives, and may we be content with
friends and the occasional surprise—
so little else do we require. Amen.


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