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Advent Call


Edward Burne Jones, An Angel Playing a Flageolot, 1878

I used to speak in poetry,
but now my voice is still.
I thought I’d sing for you again,
but now I never will, O God,
I guess I never will.

You used to guide my steps, O God,
unto the hallowed hills.
I thought I’d see your face, O God;
alas, I never will—oh, no;
I guess I never will.

You heard my everlasting prayer
and answered as I asked;
but that was oh, so long ago,
and now that time has passed, O God;
that far-off time has passed.

They say that you will come to Earth
and live among us all
and teach us how to live in peace.
Oh, may we hear your call, O God,
may we obey your call.

God, may the gospel e’er be told
and may it come to pass;
and may I speak in poetry
and sing for you at last, O God,
and see your face at last.




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