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Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Dear Sister Alma Rose — How come you never talk about current events? Like the presidential campaign, the finance crisis, illegal immigration. the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And stuff. Do you vote? —Politically Involved in Pontiac

Dear Politically Involved — Sister Alma Rose spent a few years in Washington, and what she learned is that politicians are children dressing up in power suits and playing games with lethal weapons. She votes for the persons who don’t take themselves too seriously. Failing that, she writes in the name of her son-in-law, Paul, prince of the Real People.

Sister Alma Rose is fascinated by current events — the almost imperceptible change of seasons punctuated by a ferocious blast from the north that strips the trees, and by the onset of chilly mornings, and by the parade of Canada geese in their perfect chevrons, except for the stragglers, who probably have attention-deficit disorder and end up spending their winters in Ohio.

At least they are going in the right direction

Geese: At least they are going in the right direction

As a Wisewoman once pointed out to Sister Alma Rose: The News is not Life.