I Won’t Be Diggin’ No Holes


Back in the Atmosphere

Back in the Atmosphere

Lift me up, Lord, put me on solid ground,
Thanks a lot for comin’ around.
See, I dug myself a hole and fell in;
Guess you musta heard me yellin. Thanks a lot,
I want to see the sky again,
‘Cause it’s awful dark in the hole I’m in,
And when I’m back up there,
In the clean, fresh air,
I won’t be diggin’ no holes nowhere,
I won’t be diggin’ no holes.

Omigosh, I’m thinkin’ I’ve never seen
Such a great, big, beautiful thing
As the tall and solid and lovely tree
Standin’ right in front of me. Thanks a lot,
Can’t tell you how scared I’ve been
In the cold, dark, bottomless hole I was in.
Now that I’m back out here,
In the atmosphere,
I’ll sing your praises, God, loud and clear,
And I won’t be diggin’ no holes.

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