Give Us This Day


The Flood with Noah’s Ark, Jan Brueghel the Elder

Give us this day our daily bread, by which, God,
I confess that I mean, “Prosper me,” and isn’t that
about my heart and not the things I have or have
not? “Let me own enough for generosity.”

Evangelists today assure me, “God wants you to
flourish.” They say, “God’s way is the way of
wealth.” So those of us who struggle simply took
the wrong fork some way back, distracted by the

Benny Hinn cites Adam and his Eden, where
“the gold was good.” He speaks of Noah, claiming
that his ark of gopher wood might be worth scores
of millions now; and Abraham was rich indeed in
livestock and in gold and silver. Jacob, Joseph,
David, Solomon, Jehoshaphat, and Hezekiah “had
exceeding riches,” and to be like them, we only
need obey his covenant, says Benny Hinn.
For God rejoices when we prosper: “Let them shout
for joy, and be glad, those who champion my
righteous cause: yea, let them say continually,
‘Let God be magnified, who does rejoice in our

“Here is the key,” says Benny Hinn. “They were
obedient in giving! All were givers!” Solomon gave
“tons of gold to God,” as David did. “They knew
that if we don’t give, we don’t live.” They
understood that when we give, “we bring God on
our side.” And well might Benny Hinn advise, with
forty million dollars set aside.

Look around, says Benny Hinn, at what God gave
to us: “The glory of creation, life itself, the beauty of
the earth, the sunshine, so much more.” Yes,
so much more indeed!

But Benny Hinn came by his riches honestly, and
I begrudge him not one penny. No, my sin is
jealousy… and yet I can’t help noticing: when
Benny Hinn enumerates the luminaries of the Bible,
all those givers who received, he doesn’t mention
Jesus. Oh. Did Jesus Christ give “tons of gold to
God?” He had no gold or silver, sheep or cattle,
yet he was the one whom God called “my beloved
son.” And wasn’t he—was Jesus not—the most
obedient of all?


Benny Hinn quotations above are from the evangelist’s worldwide ministry solicitation,