There are resources and sustaining energies that are available to all of us when we align our bodies with the earth. Knowledgeable healers have an understanding of the great value of being grounded is to each of us in our overall health and well being….. A common practice that is used by healers to assist clients who tend to be “spacey” to become more grounded is to guide them through a simple guided visualization. The healer will ask the client to imagine being a tree. By imagination of extending his roots into the ground the client’s anxieties are lessened and they are better able to draw healing energies from the earth source. — Holistic Healing

The Buddha sat in serene and humble dignity on the ground, with the sky above him and around him, as if to show us that in meditation you sit with an open, skylike attitude of mind, yet remain present, earthed, and grounded. The sky is our absolute nature, which has no barriers and is boundless, and the ground is our reality, our relative, ordinary condition. The posture we take when we meditate signifies that we are linking absolute and relative, sky and ground, heaven and earth, like two wings of a bird, integrating the skylike deathless nature of a mind and the ground of our transient, mortal nature. —Sogyal Rinpoche, Meditation

Sister Alma Rose, Recumbent

Sister Alma Rose likes to meditate lying down.

Most experienced meditators believe that posture is exceedingly important in meditation. Sister Alma Rose don’t quarrel with that. She would adore to sit like the nubile white girl in the photo. Several lifetimes ago, she rather looked like the nubile white girl in the photo, with them picturesque collarbones and dancer’s legs.

The idea is to sit comfortably, in a chair or on the floor or the ground, perhaps on a cushion, such that it is easy to envision a golden cord connecting the meditator with the sky, the chakras aligned, and a “root” extending from the root chakra to the center of the earth.

Sister Alma Rose has a bony butt

Sister Alma Rose is exceedingly comfortable in her skin, and she has ample amounts of skin in which to be comfortable. Sister Alma Rose has a lap in which small children can hide from their predators, and a bosom formed to serve as a cozy anchor for the babies who like to splay themselves across her naturally padded shoulders. Sister Alma Rose’s buns, however, are inexplicably skinny. Sometimes she sits on a cushion to meditate, oftimes on her bed, leaning against pillows lest her back or her bony butt complain before her meditation is satisfyingly concluded.

But Sister Alma Rose is most comfortable meditating when she is lying on her side in the bed. Comfort is exceedingly important in meditation. Indeed, some forms of meditation are meant to be practiced lying down. But oftimes, when she is engaged in a meditation practice for which it is recommended that the meditator be sitting, Sister Alma Rose cheats and lies on her back or, if she is very tired, on her side. Occasionally, but not usually, Sister Alma Rose falls asleep while meditating. What better frame of mind in which to rest?

Sister Alma Rose believes that the “golden cord” is not a “cast-iron cord” for a good reason, and she knows that roots bend and snake their way to their sources of water and nutrients in the earth. If meditating is uncomfortable — if y’all are fighting with your body during y’all’s meditation — why, then, meditating becomes a chore instead of a folding of oneself into the timeless embrace of the Creator. Sister Alma Rose often meditates several times a day, and she has reaped the many blessings that accrue from the consistent practice of meditation. (See “Why Meditate? The Beautiful Benefits of Meditation.”)

Sister Alma Rose suspects that people with disabilities that prevent them from sitting on a chair or cross-legged on a cushion are not denied access to meditation practices that are windows opened to heaven. If y’all want to meditate standing on y’all’s head or dancing naked in the creek (practitioner discretion advised), by all means do so. Many pathways lead to God, and they are not all at a 90-degree angle to the surface of the planet.

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