Sister Alma Rose’s Morning Prayer: A Clean Heart

Boreinu, Our Creator…

Create in me a clean heart
And renew a right spirit within me.
Cast me not away from thy presence
And take not thy Holy Spirit from me.
Restore in me the joy of thy salvation,
And uphold me with thy free spirit.

The King James Version of the Holy Bible is the one I go to when I want to meditate upon this psalm, as I do every day, because my heart needs a good scraping every day. This is the psalm I meditate on at the dentist, Loving Boreinu, especially the “uphold me with thy free spirit” part, because, unless dear Dr. Halbach is using a chain saw, as I’m like to certain he was last Friday, though he denies it and holds up this puny little drill, not that Dr. Halbach is a mendacious individual, I wouldn’t have thought, but I know the feral grinding of a chain saw from the tap-tap-tap of a wee drill… as I say, with the exception of the chain-saw intervals, I am transported up among the clouds, floating in a stream of warm sunlight, all unaware that two or three people are jamming all manner of foreign objects into my mouth.

You make us new, Boreinu, whenever we remember to claim our innocence… created afresh, “like the tender grass, springing out of the earth, by clear shining, after rain.” Amen.

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