Faeries All Around

Father-Mother God, open Thou our eyes to wonders all around. Reveal to us our hidden senses, that we might know Thee in all the small, sweet blessings of Thy creation. Amen

Sister Alma Rose Q & A


Tomtebobarnen, by Elsa Beskow, 1910 *

Tomtebobarnen, by Elsa Beskow, 1910 *

Dear Sister Alma Rose: Do you believe in elves and faeries? —Skeptical in Schenectady


Dear Skeptical: Sister Alma Rose has many friends among the Little People.  They live in great numbers among the trees and flowers on Hilltop Farm, which is one of the reasons that everyone who visits here feels blessed and joyful. 


Outside my back door
Down the trodden garden path
Past the starling’s mossy bath
Near the chestnut arbor,
Faeries live in harmony;
They sit astride the dragonflies
(With whirring wings and pinpoint eyes)
And ride in majesty.

Waltzing in gossamer,
Under moonbeam lanternlight,
They dance upon the green. When night
Is gone, they disappear.

Oh! Then, you’ve seen them!
I’ve only heard the starling say
They flee before the dawning day
Each to his dewy home.
But I’ve seen their foot-marks
In the grass in summertime
And heard their laughter like a chime
When daylight turns to dark.

Have you really talked to them
And seen them cast their faery spells?
I’ve only heard their songs, like bells,
Floating on the wind.

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* Illustration from Children of the Forest (Tomtebobarnen, 1910) by Elsa Beskow (1874 – 1953)…. The elves (älvorna) live behind a huge mossy boulder and come out at night to dance in the moonlight. The children of the forest (lit. the “tomte children”) are trying to play seesaw with them, but the elves are so light and tender that even though they are eight and the children only two [the weight is uneven]. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Tomtebobarnen.jpg