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Morning Prayer

Carry Me to This Enchanted Shore

tuscanysunriseNow before the morning light appears;
now in calm anticipation;
now this sacred, still, unmeasured
interval I dedicate to thee.

Wherever are revived the dying,
comforted the grieving, given
hope the flagging spirits, raised
the fallen, fed the hungry souls;

Wherever life begins again,
where nothing is impossible,
and where the very sun is robed
and vested; where the angels from
their rest arise;

Where all are baptized in the freshet, pure emerging,
venom banished in ignominy and washed away;

Where common things become a garden,
radiant with color, light, and form;

Where light is born;

Where all the universe declares benevolent intent;

Where music out of silence grows,
where all from nothing comes and
all that ends begins:

Carry me, O Father-Mother God,
to this enchanted shore, that I as well may be
reborn and dwell in innocence again.

Thine angels send among
the suffering. Where they are fragile,
make them strong; where broken,
make them sound; their pain assuage,
evaporate, distill. Thine all-annealing love
bestow, and where it finds a cold, unyielding
heart, thy shining grace impart, to melt
the stones that guard the hermit’s
door so light may enter and embrace.

God, where glory lives, accept
our weary selves, complete us. Open
our insensate eyes, that we might recognize
the riches we possess, and the provision
we require—before us now, already ours;
all beauty at our feet, all sound by heaven’s
choir made crystalline; all that is lovely, seen,
recalled; and all abundance—everything
we need and more, beyond the sum
of ancient dreams and unfulfilled desires.



Excerpted from Unfamiliar Territory, by Mary Campbell



3 thoughts on “Morning Prayer

  1. The ringing in my mind from this med-prayer, was to me, “someone whom must have a very special and closeness with thee himself. This piece is so refreshing to me, because i have never again lost my FAITH, nor will I.There was a point in my life, of course it was the brutal death of my mother at a young age, for both of us acctually. Put me in a stffing it mode, which then started out with a lil’ splinter between my best friend, Jesus and I, untill it became an unbareable LOG.I then had it out with him, cussing and begging to be taken,saying I hated him for it; and let me tell you thing did not get 1 bit better from there on,even though I appologized,that once pure and innocent, beautiful bond with my best friend dissapeared, or so I thought; for a long…….TIME.So after asking forgieness over, & over just seemed was’nt enough,I also had to forgive myself and know that she was needed moore elsewhere, untill I finally felt a return to love!!) With that my faith is strong, and I never will trash it again. I would like to relay my appretiations to you and others with similar talents and gifts, because it me all that much moore by the grace of GOD,Thank You.


  2. Helpped me all that much moore!And I did stuff it far and deep inside,so when my father died,I was not prepared,nor did I ever come back the same from it, but a lesson was learned to never ever turn my back, and try to do it my self. Exuse my spelling please,I’ll try to spell check next time. Continuation from comment #1.


    • Dear Jolaine — What a beautiful story. I was deeply depressed when my mother died without warning, and again when my father had a long and agonizing illness…. It seemed like any awful thing could happen at any time…. Through prayer and meditation I learned surrender, acceptance, and ACTION without struggle…. God bless you, Jolaine…. Mary


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